HR218 Qualification — L.E.O.S.A. — For Retired Police Officers

  • See Combo class information for HR218 and 8 Hour Armed Annual Firearms course

Classes are held at either the Nassau County Rifle & Pistol Range or Southshore Shooting Range in Islip

Topics covered include: Weapon Safety, Course of Fire (Fifty Round D.C.J.S. Certified Course), review the HR-218 requirements of the Federal Bill explaining what is expected of you when carrying your weapon out of state. After lecture portion, students will proceed to the range for qualification where a minimum of seventy percent is required. When qualification is completed, a photo identification card will be issued to the retired officer. This identification card and your police identification card is required to be carried when you are armed. All participants are REQUIRED to bring their Retired Police ID card, Pistol License, Weapon(s) of Choice, Magazines, Holster and 50 rounds of Ammunition for each weapon.