NYS Concealed Carry Weapons Safety Training

Our Course is accepted in Suffolk County, Nassau County, and all of New York

All classes are taught by our Instructors who are licensed by DCJS and the NRA at Southshore Sportsman Shooting Range in Islip and the Nassau County Rifle & Pistol Range in Uniondale.

Following the guidelines set forth by the Division of Criminal Justice Services and the New York State Police, we will be conducting the 16 Hour educational course which consists of: Classroom Training Curriculum, A Written Proficiency test plus 2 hours of Live-Fire Training.

Classroom training topics covered include: State and federal gun laws, general firearm safety, firearm cleaning and maintenance, safe handling practices, range safety rules, proper holster and retention strategies for safe concealed carry, conflict de-escalation, effects of alcohol and drug use as it pertains to firearm safety, best practices when encountering law enforcement, statutorily defined sensitive and restricted locations, conflict management, use of deadly physical force, suicide prevention, and basic principles of marksmanship.

Following the classroom training, a written proficiency test and live-fire proficiency assessment will be conducted.  A written score of 80% on the written test and 4 out of 5 rounds must be on target from a range of 4 yards for the live-fire assessment for each type of firearm you are qualifying with.

Requirements for class enrollment

Must possess a current pistol permit in the State of New York, drivers license or non-photo ID.  Must bring your own unloaded firearm in safety storage box, holster and appropriate ear and eye protection. Ammo is required for range and may be purchased at the range.

8 Hour Pre-Assignment NYS Security Guard Training Course

The first required course is the 8-hour Pre-assignment Training Course and is required training by the Division of Criminal Justice Services in order to receive your New York State Security Guard License. This is a general introductory course. You are issued a certificate upon successful completion. This certificate must accompany your Security Guard license application when submitted to the Department of State.
Certificate of completion will be given that day.

16 Hour On-The-Job NYS Security Guard Training Course (OJT)

The second required course for the New York State Security Guard License is the 16 Hour On- The-Job Security Guard Training Course (OJT). This class should be taken within the first 90 days of full time employment. This training program is relevant to the duties of the security guard, requirements of the work site, and the needs of the employer. This is a 2 day class.

8 Hour Annual In-Service NYS Security Guard Training Course

The third required training course for the New York State Security Guard license is the 8-Hour Annual In-Service Training Course. This security guard training course must be completed each calendar year. This program is designed to meet current training needs and refresh or update guards in changes in the field. The security guard must complete this course annually as a prerequisite for renewal of their security guard license. Certificate will be given that day.
$55 ($50 for our returning students from the prior year)

8 Hour Annual Firearms Training

Classes are held at either the Nassau County Rifle & Pistol Range or Southshore Shooting Range in Islip

This is an 8 hour course that must be completed annually. To attend the course students must possess a valid pistol license pursuant to NY Penal Law Section 400.00 and a valid NYS Armed Security Guard registration card. The course consists of 3 hours of NYS Penal Law Article 35 (Use of Force/Deadly Physical Force) and 5 hours of range instruction and qualification. To successfully complete the course the student must pass a written examination on Article 35 and qualify with a handgun.

Now offering the NYS Concealed Carry Course

HR218 Qualification — L.E.O.S.A. — For Retired Police Officers

  • See Combo class information for HR218 and 8 Hour Armed Annual Firearms course

Classes are held at either the Nassau County Rifle & Pistol Range or Southshore Shooting Range in Islip

Topics covered include: Weapon Safety, Course of Fire (Fifty Round D.C.J.S. Certified Course), review the HR-218 requirements of the Federal Bill explaining what is expected of you when carrying your weapon out of state. After lecture portion, students will proceed to the range for qualification where a minimum of seventy percent is required. When qualification is completed, a photo identification card will be issued to the retired officer. This identification card and your police identification card is required to be carried when you are armed. All participants are REQUIRED to bring their Retired Police ID card, Pistol License, Weapon(s) of Choice, Magazines, Holster and 50 rounds of Ammunition for each weapon.

8 Hour Annual Armed Security Guard and HR218 Combo Class

This is a combination course only for Retired Law Enforcement personnel with a NYS Armed Security Guard license.

Classes are held at either the Nassau County Rifle & Pistol Range or Southshore Shooting Range in Islip

Combo class includes:

  • New York State 8 Hour Annual Certified Firearms Training Course
  • HR218