Fingerprint Process

Applicants have access to electronic fingerprinting through IdentoGo.

Electronic Fingerprinting Procedure: Applicants may schedule appointments with IdentoGo by either visiting their website at or calling 877-472-6915. For scheduling purposes, you MUST utilize the required ORI number “1545R1”. Complete the Request for NYS Fingerprinting Services Information Form (pdf) and BRING it with you to the fingerprinting site.
– Proof of electronic fingerprint completion: Upon completion of the fingerprint process, the vendor will provide you with two receipts as proof of fingerprint completion. Include one receipt, or the fingerprint receipt number. The second copy of the receipt should be retained by your employer.

Please Note: Fingerprint receipts are valid for 5 months from the date of fingerprinting. Please submit original application within 5 months from the date of fingerprinting. Failure to submit your application within this time period will require you to complete the fingerprint process again.

Fingerprint fees: All fees for fingerprinting are payable to Identogo, total of $101.75 broken down as follows:
– Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) fee: $75.00
– FBI fee (Security Guard License applicants must pay the FBI fee): $16.50.
– Applicable Fingerprint Vendor fee (Subject to change in January and July of each year)
See “e-Fingerprinting” link on top right at

Acceptable forms of payment: Payment for fingerprint fees must be made in the form of check, money order or credit card. Note: fingerprint fees are in addition to application fees.