New York State Enhanced Security Guard Training Program

This New York State security guard class is geared for the corporation with single building structures of 500,000 square feet or more. This is a 40 hour class in which the security guard receives advanced training in Criminal and Civil Law, information gathering, terrorist indicators, security and safety planning, fundamentals of patrol, weapons of mass destruction, awareness and basic first aid. Upon successful completion, the security guard receives a New York State Certification and the employer is eligible for a $3,000.00 tax credit per certified guard.

Workplace Violence

This instructional class will help your security guards understand workplace violence. The security guard will be taught what to do in order to make your other employees feel safe in this environment. They will be taught the signs of possible workplace violence and methods to correct the problem. Students receive handouts of all material covered.
This is a 2 hour class.

Use of Force

This instructional class targets New York Sate Penal Law, Article 35, Defense of Justification. The security guard will be instructed on when the use of force may be used. The security guard will have a full understanding of the employers’ policy on the use of force. The class also includes a section on what to do after the incident. This covers report writing using proper details, legal descriptions and terminologies. The security guard will also have an understanding of NYS laws including Assault, Burglary, Criminal Trespass and Trespass. Students will receive handouts of all material covered.
This is a 4 hours class.

Defusing Aggressive Behavior

This instructional class will show the security guard ways to defuse an aggressive situation with words. The student will be instructed on understanding anger, non-verbal communication and verbal aggression. Students will be taught ways to defuse aggressive behavior using verbal calming and non-verbal calming. Each student receives handouts of all material covered.
This is a 3 hour class.

Hazardous Material Handling

This instructional class will give your security employees basic knowledge of hazardous materials that may be in the workplace. The course includes instruction on understanding the U.S. Department of Transportation “Emergency Response Guidebook”, instruction of emergency evacuation of an area and basic first aid to victims. Students receive handouts of all material covered.
This is a 2 hour class.

Bloodborne Pathogens Handling

This training class instructs students on what bloodborne pathogens are (types of excreted bodily fluids) and how to properly and safely handle them. This course assists in satisfying the training requirements of the US Department of Labor, OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. This course is a must for any person that may come in contact with bloodborne pathogens in the workplace.
This is a 2 hour class.