Advanced Training Center of Long Island



I am writing to thank you for allowing me to attend the 8 hour Pre-Assignment Security Guard Training course at the Advanced Training Center of Long Island. I have already completed the remaining registration requirements and have submitted my application to NYS Department of Licensing Services. I will let you know when I receive response information. Thank you very much for your help and guidance on this.

I also wanted to comment that I found the class well organized and interesting. Both you and Michael were very professional, courteous and friendly, and I felt the classroom environment provided at the training center was excellent for the presentations.

Daniel Hwang

Hi Pat,
I just wanted to say that the class I attended for my annual class that I took on 7/20/14, was a very good class! The instructor ,John Boesch,(I think that's how his last name is spelled), was great, covered all the information, and had some personal experiences he shared that were very interesting to listen to.

I'm also glad this is a reputable school here in Suffolk County. I will look forward to going to the class next year, when the time comes again. I hope John will also be teaching that class.

Michael Dumagan

Please tell Tom that he gives a great class. I take Armed Guard courses, FEMA courses, Emergency Management Courses and other safety relevant classes and every one of them wants to put me to sleep the first hour. I dread going to them. Tom's course is interesting, packed with great advise and with real life situations. The time goes by quickly because of it. Great job.
PS...... Thanks for the Course email reminders. I'm sure I would forget without them. Stephen Troy

Your operation and instructor were very impressive. Mike was very knowledgeable and keep the class involved. I would not hesitate recommending your school to anyone in need of training.

Carmine A. Abbatiello

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to partake in your programs. Take care and Happy Holidays to you and your staff.

Ric Tivner

John is an excellent instructor. He is a great speaker with the ability to hold the class’s attention for the entire day.

Jeff Cohen

Hi Pat I just want to thank you for helping me out the way you did I really appreciate that very much, we need more people like you in this country, God bless you and thanks again....Ron Mello

Good Morning Pat, Your company is officially my number 1 training company for security in my books from now on. Just by simply going far & beyond your line of duty on my behalf was more than priceless. I will from now on promote your company. That was very nice of you to do that for me. I look forward in taking my 8 hr annual class with you.
Thank you so much.
Luis Torres

Thanks for your 8 hour pre-assignmnet course it was excellent and your staff was great.
Kevin Fennell

Classes are excellent. I would highly recommend.


The training courses went well.  Tom was great.  I would recommend to anyone that wants to become a security guard.

Best wishes,
Usman Nazma